Best Page Forward is a book description copywriting service for authors founded by Bryan Cohen in June 2015. Since then they’ve provided over 1200 book descriptions for authors like you.

He’s published over 40 books, which have been downloaded over half a million times. His books include How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis and five novels in The Viral Superhero Series.

Book descriptions are one of those things most authors find difficult to do… or difficult to do well. It’s not our fault! We’re good at writing, and copywriting is a completely different skillset. It’s sales and marketing! Authors who hire it out or know how to write strong sales copy get more book reviews, write better ads, find more subscribers, recruit additional fans, and sell more books.

Bryan can teach you how to write book descriptions as well as Facebook and Amazon ads that sell your book, or you can just hire the BPF team to do it for you.

In this episode, you’ll find out how it’s done, what’s a hook, how to state the conflict, the magic of keywords and other metadata, secrets for getting your book in more Amazon categories, the selling paragraph, and many other book discovery and marketing techniques.

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Show Notes

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Free cheat sheet on writing better blurbs

Selling for Authors Facebook Group

Bryan Cohen’s Author Podcaster Coach page

The Sell More Books Show podcast with Bryan Cohen and Jim Kukral

Bryan Cohen’s Amazon Author Page

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