Pressbooks is a formatting and design tool for your books with a set of themes you can choose from to create a book interior very quickly and easily.

It’s based on WordPress that creates all the formats you ever need – PDF for print, EPUB, MOBI, and other more geeky formats –  from a single source so you’re ready to publish using Amazon, IngramSpark, Smashwords, or any other publishing or distribution tool.

Liz and I talk about Word styles, themes, imports, customization, publishing to your website, creating lead magnets, creating books from blogs, and adding interactive elements like audio and video, which I didn’t know about until our conversation and I fully intend to use.

So far I’ve used Pressbooks to collaborate, publish, and update books. I recommend it all the time and I think you’ll probably consider using it after hearing this conversation.

By the way, especially listen for a special offer for 25% off Pressbooks during our conversation. Also, please check the website for links and show notes.

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Show notes

Pressbooks website

Pressbooks YouTube Channel

Consumer’s Guide for Self-Publishers

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