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14 presenters, 16 hours of audio-video, slide-sets, a guide, and membership in a private group for only $99 is a pretty incredible value!

I’ve been running this boot camp for five years now, to help authors understand the self-publishing process. These sessions are recording from the live event. Audio, video, and slidesets are included. Listen, watch, read. Learn at your own pace. – Carla King

Imagine having access to a team of industry experts to guide you in your self-publishing journey for less than $10 per hour. That’s what this Self-Pub Boot Camp download delivers. I’ve gathered a carefully balanced team of self-publishing professionals to provide you with the full array of information you need about every aspect of publishing. Download it to your hard drive and start manifesting your book. You’re going to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered, guaranteed!

Get all your self-publishing questions answered, including the questions you didn’t know to ask yet. Lifetime membership in a private group ensures you’ll always be connected and kept up-to-date on new ways to self-publish and tips and techniques for success.

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“This workshop is like a writer’s conference on your desktop or mobile device. Nowhere else do you get the benefit of this array of trusted experts to educate and empower you to successfully publish your book. Self-Pub Boot Camp is simply the best way to get up to speed in the world of self-publishing. I guarantee it.”

-Carla King, Founder, Self-Pub Boot Camp

A wealth of knowledge shared with energy and humor

These experts impart a generous wealth of knowledge with passion, energy, and even humor. Benefit from their wisdom via audio-video slideshows, audio downloads, PDF slidesets, books, and documents so you can learn at your own pace. Go back for a refresher whenever you like. Enjoy significant bonus materials including additional slide presentations, books, freebies, and discounts from me and more of my awesome publishing friends.

A private online group, so you’re never alone

In the private online community we share the latest in self-publishing tools, social media marketing techniques and success stories. You’ll also get invites to occasional live group sessions so you can get your burning questions answered. If you ever find yourself stuck, not knowing which direction to take, you can reach out to the group and to me for answers and ideas.

Self-paced, always on your desktop

If you’re confused or overwhelmed and tired of searching the web to find the right solution, you’re going to love this boot camp. It’s self-paced so you can do it just one exhilarating weekend, like we do in San Francisco, or take a week, or even a month or a year. It’s always on your desktop to refer to when you need a refresher.

Video introduction – Me talking to you about this program

Here’s a video intro to last year’s program. This year there are four new presenters, two new presentations by me, and it’s still $99, which is less than an hour of my consulting time. Save money in time and frustration going down the wrong road, learn at your own pace, and gain knowledge that will help you do it yourself or hire the right team to help you.

Here’s what the program includes

Over 14 hours of audio-video presentations to watch on your computer or listen on your mobile device
PDF format slide decks from the presenters
Lists and tip sheets
The Self-Pub Boot Camp Guide for Authors in ebook formats
Lifetime membership in a great private community with ongoing support
There will be bonuses too, because I have a great network of self-publishing experts who like to share.

You can’t afford potential self-publishing pitfalls.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of self-publishing services companies out there that will take $1000, $5000, even up to $50,000 from you with publishing packages that make near-impossible claims. And they’ll keep all the original files, even if you fire them, as most authors do. (Please don’t ask me the number of authors who have asked me how to get out of these awful contracts. I’ve lost track!) Self-Pub Boot Camp saves you time and helps you avoid mistakes that so many authors make in their hurry to publish. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what one author had to say about Self-Pub Boot Camp, and there are many more.

Take this boot camp! Self-Pub Boot Camp saved me many hours of research and countless mistakes I would have made.

– Scott James, Author, Sidewalk Ritual

Get all your self-publishing questions answered, including the questions you didn’t know to ask yet. Lifetime membership in a private group ensures you’ll always be connected and kept up-to-date on new ways to self-publish and tips and techniques for success.

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Self-Publishing Boot Camp Testimonial Scott James Author

Carla King, Founder, Self-Pub Boot Camp, on Your Self-Publishing Path

Self-Pub Boot Camp founder Carla King began her career in publishing and technology in 1988, self-published her first book in 1994, and began experimenting with internet and multimedia publishing in 1995. She is a regular contributor to PBS MediaShift, leads workshops, and consults with a variety of clients from corporate to individuals. She is the author of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors and the Motorcycle Misadventures series of live reports from the road — a web and book series. Carla discusses various typical (and a few atypical) publishing paths, including ebook and print book production, book discovery, and websites. Find out more about Carla at

Linda Lee, AskMePC Web Design on WordPress Blogs and Websites
Linda Lee is an online expert, a writer, speaker, educator, and website designer who demystifies the online experience. Whether you are a novice or veteran Internet user, Linda can help you optimize and monetize your website. She specializes in WordPress design, WordPress Websites, instruction, and problem shooting. Linda and her team, have built over 200 websites for clients on the WordPress platform. Linda’s presentation focuses on the process of creating a self-hosted WordPress website and blog and yes, she explains what “self-hosted” actually means and how important it is. She steps authors through the process of buying domain names, setting up web hosting, and optimizing web pages so that it’s easy for Google to find you as an author. Find out more about her at AskMePC Web Design.

Nina Amir, Inspiration to Creation Coach, on How and Why to Blog Your Book
The author of How to Blog a Book: How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books), Nina Amir is a nonfiction editor, consultant, and writing, book, blogging, and author coach with more than 33 years of experience in the publishing field. She also is the founder of Write Nonfiction in November, a blog and challenge. She writes five blogs, including Write Nonfiction NOW!, How to Blog a Book and As the Spirit Moves Me, and two national columns. Additionally, she speaks weekly about writing and publishing on the popular radio show, Dresser After Dark, hosted by Michael Ray Dresser, which has approximately 80,000 listeners per month. Amir holds a BA in magazine journalism with a concentration in psychology, has edited or written for more than 45 publications producing hundreds of articles and had her work published in five anthologies. She has self-published nine short books, including the popular workbook How to Evaluate Your Book for Success and 10 Days and 10 Ways to Return to Your Best Self. Nina’s How to Blog a Book talk inspired me to sketch out a plan for blogging, and I know it will help you, too. Find out more about Nina.

John McAlester, PigeonLab Ebook Conversion, on Ebook Formatting and Distribution Basics
John McAlester is the founder of PigeonLab which helps self-publishers create and distribute their ebooks. On the technical side of publishing for many years, John offers clarity and actionable steps to ensure that you understand ebook formats, online retailers, and the tools that create good-looking ebooks. After John’s talk you will definitely understand the difference between EPUB and MOBI and PDF and which ebook stores need which format. Find John at PigeonLab.

Robin Cutler, IngramSpark, on Distributing to Online Retailers and Getting Your Book into the Bookstores
Robin Cutler manages IngramSpark, a division of Ingram Content Group which she joined in 2011 as Manager of Content Acquisition. IngramSpark helps independent publishers make their digital content available to retail partners throughout the world. Robin began her career in publishing over 30 years ago at a university press designing her first book in linotype and letterpress; a year later she was designing on a Mac SE. After many years of university publishing in South Carolina and Wisconsin, she started a trade imprint, SummerHouse Press in 1997. She holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Southern California. Robin helped create BookSurge, which was acquired by Amazon and rebranded CreateSpace. In her talk you’ll find out how IngramSpark differs, and you’ll be most interested that it seamlessly distributes both ebooks and print books in one dashboard. It’s also the only platform that can get you into the brick-and-mortar bookstores. You’ll find out why! Here’s the IngramSpark website.

Brian Felsen, BookBaby, Social Media and Branding Essentials
Brian Felsen, Former President, CD Baby, BookBaby: As President of CD Baby from 2008-14, Brian was responsible for all business development, operations, customer service, marketing, and technology at the world’s largest online distributor of independent music. He also founded BookBaby, which digitally distributes the works of independent authors, poets, memoirists, and publishers, making their eBooks available to dozens of digital retailers and hundreds of libraries worldwide (including Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon). He first joined Disc Makers in 2003, launching and growing major new initiatives including the Merchandise and Film/DVD replication programs, before going on to head business development. Previous activities include founding and running one of the largest independent music conferences in the world, composing several classical music works, creating art photography, poetry, and plays, and producing an award-winning documentary film about Turkish military coups d’état. In Brian’s entertaining presentation you’ll find out what makes a good author brand – and what doesn’t – and also his tips on making an impact in social media in only 20 minutes a day… after you set up the processes, that is. Here’s more on BookBaby.

Mark Coker, Smashwords, Using Pre-Sales to Make Your Book a Bestseller
Mark Coker is the founder of Smashwords, an ebook publishing and distribution platform. He’s also an author, entrepreneur, angel investor and advisor to technology startups. His company Smashwords, in my opinion, has been as influential as Amazon in shaking up the publishing world by implementing smart technology that allows authors to easily self-publish and reach major distribution channels. Mark is always innovating, and in this presentation he shows us how to create bestsellers by allowing customers to pre-order your book. Here’s the Smashwords website.

Ron Martinez, Aerbook, Promoting Your Book in the Social Stream
Ron Martinez founded aerbook to focus on conventional and enhanced eBook development, book apps, book and author marketing, and original publishing. They also sponsor and help organize book2camp. In addition, Ron operates Invention Arts, a design and invention company, where he’s generally interested in applying social, mobile, realtime and other important technologies to the various layers of the publishing stack. Some of those things end up operational at aerbook. Ron has written, designed, or coded interactive fiction, graphic adventures, massively multiplayer games, pathway books, and educational software, has a lot of patents, and prior to Invention Arts and aerbook was VP IP Innovation at Yahoo! Ron’s presentation on getting your book into the social stream using aerbook is going to blow your mind, guaranteed. And it’s easy to implement, too. Check out the aerbook site.

Karl Palachuk, Great Little Book Co, Making Your Publishing Business a Business and Not a Hobby
Karl Palachuk has written 11 books, including Managed Services in a Month, the number one book for managed services on Amazon for the past five years. He has advised business owners in the small business space for over a decade as an international speaker, blogger, Podcast host, and personal business consultant. Karl’s storefront for his books, whitepapers, video educational programs, and more can be found at SMB Books. Outside the world of technology, Karl is also the author of Relax Focus Succeed®, a guide to balancing your personal and professional lives and being more successful in both. Karl runs a series of interactive online courses throughout the year as well based large in part on the content from his books and blogs. These courses are like a quick start guide to everything you need to know about being a successful managed service provider. More information about those courses can be found at Karl’s presentation on how to succeed as an author-publisher in the business world is enlightening, practical and easily implemented. Did I mention it’s entertaining, as well? Enjoy! Find out more about Karl Palachuk.

David Wogahn, Sellbox, Optimizing Your Book for More Sales on Amazon
No stranger to digital publishing, David Wogahn created his first eBooks in 1991, developed multimedia CD-ROMs for ABC Sports in 1995 and launched the first of dozens of websites beginning in 1996, many of those for the largest university athletic departments in America. David traces his passion for technology back to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics where he managed IBM’s donation to the Games before continuing his career at the Los Angeles Times. He is the author of Successful eBook Publishing, the course Distributing and Marketing eBooks and the video-on-demand course ISBN (Numbers) Explained. Learn more at or visit David’s new website for DIY publishers:
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