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Making it FASTER: Tales from the Endless Search for Speed, Norm DeWitt, Dan BrinksCarla King is the Ninja goddess of self-publishing.
-Norm DeWitt, Powersports Author

What a treat to have someone just straight up tell you the truth.
-Scott James, Nonfiction Author

Carla King is the geek publishing motorcycle dream girl.
-Ron Martinez, Founder, Aer.io

Carla King is the CEO of all the geeky publishing advisors I know.
-Marla Miller, Marketing the Muse

Granny Gets a New Knee, Louise ChedwiggenWhat a blessing to find someone in the midst of the maelstrom that is the constantly changing self-publishing industry, who is kind, insightful, generous and a calm librarian of current information. Carla has been supportive and instructive above and beyond.
-Louise Chegwidden, Author, Granny Gets a New Knee

Troubled Mission Award, John WagnerJohn P. Wagner’s book, Troubled Mission, just won the Silver Award from the Nonfiction Authors Association!

A Very Human Place, a novel by PTG ManPTG Man’s A Very Human Place was just released in paperback on Amazon.

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Hope into Practice, Penny Rosenwasser


As a first-time self-publisher, I don’t know what I would have done without Carla’s Self-Publishing Boot Camp workshop as well as the Guide for Authors she provided for the students to take home. It’s invaluable! Comprehensive, user-friendly, and short enough that you can read it quickly and get on with publishing your book. Plus, Carla then became available to me via email when I needed advice about how to proceed–a huge boon in what can be such an isolating process. Thank you, thank you Carla! –Penny Rosenwasser, Ph.D., author, Hope into Practice, Jewish Women Choosing Justice, Despite Our Fears

Carla King’s excellent guide is a must-read for anyone thinking about publishing their own work. I beg you to read her this book before you even write your first word and you’ll have a better understanding of how to bring a book to fruition and then to be successful in the marketplace. She’s a great friend to the Indie community and provides this valuable resource as a gift of love.
—Robin Cutler, IngramSpark

Full Circle, Erin Callan MontellaCarla King did a fantastic job making the dream my husband and I had of self-publishing Full Circle a reality.  We had a completed and edited manuscript but it seemed daunting to get the book properly formatted, uploaded and the drafts edited to various sites. She helped us to consider the proper distribution channels for my objectives and provided a true ‘soup to nuts” service for a new author. I am very grateful for her hard work and good counsel to make Full Circle a success.
—Erin Callan Montella, Author, Full Circle

We are proud to report that Full Circle has been featured in many news outlets, including…Full Circle in the News / Erin Callan Montella

Barbara Hinske's Rosemont CollectionCarla King’s Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is a must read for every author. Her book is a comprehensive, accessible, with a practical look at all aspects of the vast and constantly changing world of self-publishing. Whether a debut writer or one with a backlist, I recommend keeping the reference at hand and referring to it often. It’s like having your own personal guru in your hip pocket. The demands on the successful authorpreneur are seemingly endless and having Self-Publishing Boot Camp to turn to lighten the load.
—Barbara Hinske, author of the Rosemont series of novels

The Self-Publisher's Ultimate Resource Guide, Joel Friedlander and Betty Kelly SargentIf you’re thinking about joining the self-publishing revolution, Carla King’s new edition of Self-Publishing Boot Camp is where you should start. From trusted vendors to top software, from branding to blogging, Carla has practical, real-world advice based on her own years of successful self-publishing. I highly recommend this book.
—Joel Friedlander, TheBookDesigner.com

Making it simple and straightforward for the rest of us!
—Karen Fritz, Adventure travel author

Praise for Self-Pub Boot Camp Workshops

July 7, 2014
Dear Carla,
I wanted to drop you a note of gratitude. Without your great advice and guidance on how to self-publish, I would still be lost and most likely frustrated to the point of giving up. I had never pursued being an author or even writing a novel until very recently. Once I completed the work, I had no idea of what the next steps were or how to go about executing them. By chance, I saw that you were doing a seminar on Self-Publishing, which I honestly had not considered up until my visit to your website. I had heard horror stories of ridiculous costs and being taken advantage of one’s inexperience by a few bad seeds in the industry.

Once I made my through the wealth of knowledge in your website, newsletters and book I had the power to turn this novel into my destiny. Without your concise, step-by-step guidance and vetting of resources my novel would never have come into fruition.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and resources. You’re the best!
Katy Tackes
Author, Each Time She Wakes
Get it in print and ebook formats.

Read this interview with Katy Tackes. It’s an interesting story.

Content Management Expert Andreas Ramos used the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors as his guide to self-publishing his Big Book of Content Marketing, reviewed in Forbes Magazine. Look what he has to say:

How to Write a Book, Andreas Ramos


There are a number of books on digital publishing. Guy Kawasaki’s APE: How to Publish a Book (Nonoia Press, 2012) is a quick overview. A better resource is Carla King’s Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors (SelfPubBootCamp.com, 2nd ed., 2013). Carla has written seven books and teaches courses on self-publishing. Her book explains the options for producing and distributing your book. Her book was my roadmap for the distribution strategy for this book. – Andreas Ramos, Content Market Expert, author of The Big Book of Content Marketing and How to Write a Book!: To Get More Opportunities and Improve Your Career