About The Author Friendly Team

Author Friendly pulls together a team of trusted professionals to get your book finished and into the hands of your readers. Here is our core team.

Carla King, Founder, Author Friendly

Carla King

Author Friendly Team Leader


Carla King has been self-publishing her adventure travel books since 1995. With a background in technical writing and web design, she was perfectly poised to adopt the independent author lifestyle.

In 2005, Carla started teaching authors about websites and social media and helped them format and distribute books, guiding them to the most trusted and reliable tools and services.

In 2010, Carla founded Self-Publishing Boot Camp, an educational program of books and workshops to educate authors on how to do everything themselves. Because she discovered that most authors don’t want to do everything themselves, in 2015 she created Author Friendly to do it for them.

Here’s how it works. Carla tailors a customized plan to your needs and leads a team of trusted professionals to get it done. Whether you just need a manuscript formatted, or you need full-service production from start to finish, she and her “author-friendly” team can get it done.

Carla lives in San Diego and Baja, California, with frequent forays to the San Francisco Bay Area. If you go to a west-coast writers conference, travel conference, or overland event, please say hi!

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