We can format your book for digital and print, upload it for distribution online retailers and to bookstores, and create your website. We can also help you get great editing and cover design and other “author friendly” services.


We create beautiful print and ebooks from your manuscript in Word or InDesign. You’ll get a PDF for print, Kindle for Amazon, and EPUB for all the other retailers.


We can format and distribute your book using Amazon CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Smashwords, or another service, so that your book gets sold in many online retailers and bookstores, too.


We use WordPress, today’s most popular website and blogging platform. You get reliable, affordable, and secure hosting with daily backups. We’ll help you choose a theme and learn how to update it, too!


Self-Pub Boot Camp is a self-paced program that includes over 15 hours of training from 14 respected experts, plus audio and video, and handouts. Save yourself countless hours and many dollars worth of mistakes with this educational program.

Social Media

Setting up your social media sites can be tedious, but once you get the hang of it, it can be fun. We can figure out which sites are most important, considering the time you have available, and get you rolling.


The number one most important thing to focus on after you finish your manuscript is editing. A great book will be dismissed by the marketplace if it has errors. So get developmental editing if you need it, and copyediting and proofreading for sure. We can help!

Cover Design

Your book’s cover is your most important sales tool. It’s essential to hire a cover designer who is aware of the book market and who will take the time to research the covers in your genre. We can help you find the right cover designer for your book.


Sometimes you just need to spend some quality time with a trusted advisor. Consider a one-on-one consulting session (or a meeting with your group) to help you figure out your next steps, brainstorm a website, or map out you entire publishing strategy.

I created Author Friendly to help you with the details of finishing your book and making it available to your readers. You may need help in one small area, or in creating an overall strategy. Let me know how I can help you make it happen.



Carla King

Carla King

Book Production | Tools & Services | Your Publishing Plan

Carla King has been teaching authors how to self-publish since 2005, creating the Self-Pub Boot Camp program of books and workshops in 2010. She can help you create a publishing path using the right tools and services for you, and lead the book production process together with this team of experts.


Danielle Murdoch

Danielle Murdoch

Web Design | Social Media

Danielle is an adventure traveler who started designing her own sites in 2010 because she could do it from the road. She loved it so much that she made it a full-time business. Danielle works will authors and businesses at all budget levels, from starving artists to corporations.


Justine Kilsby

Justine Kilsby

Formatting | Print & Ebooks

Justine Kilsby formats print books and ebooks for Author Friendly. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she works as an EMT, which consists of a lot of down time, punctuated by spikes of really really up time. She is an avid reader and a crazy accurate formatter and proofreader.


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